'Coco + Gold' Coffee Scrub

'Coco + Gold' becomes the most decadent part of your day as it immerses your skin in a reservoir full of nutrients. To create a show-stopping shimmer that produces revitalizing results, we explored the most essential natural avenues to address dry skin and blemishes, while exfoliating to elevate new and healthy skin growth. Each ingredient we selected had to prove an energized, nourished look that makes your skin beg for more. Here’s what makes you #soplush:

Coffee Grounds

Along with its savory aroma, coffee grounds awaken your skin to prepare for a delicate mask of exfoliation. Its lush but granulated curves remove cellulite and blemishes while regenerating fresh cells to promote new skin growth.

Coconut Oil

A moisturizing gift from Mother Earth herself that keeps on giving, coconut oil’s anti-microbial properties will protect the skin from potential pathogens. With a single pass, the glide across your skin provides instant nourishment and moisture for a sleek feel your body will love you for.

24k Active Gold

For a final touch of brilliance, we’ve included 24K active gold to leave your skin looking bright and even. It’s rejuvenating properties stimulate your skin while working overtime to remove fine lines and wrinkles. An undeniable glow you won’t believe, this 24K magic is certainly no trick.