Haley Kate Uses Coco + Gold On The Beaches Of California

Hey! I’m Haley Kate and I'm just getting ready to do a little beach workout before I have to go to work! I'm 26 years old and I was born and raised here in Marina del Rey. I'm a full-time fitness model and personal trainer.  I grew up riding horses, being very active playing sports, and dance. 

 I train people out of a private gym. I also go train out of people homes. I'm always doing photo shoots. I do one to two photo shoots a week because I work with different sponsors and a lot of stuff on social media. Because I'm always shooting, I'm taking care of my skin and using the right product is very important. I use my Plush Body exfoliator. I use this one a week as it helps me get nice and moisturized so I can re-apply my spray tan once a week for all the photoshoots that I do. 

 I’ve spent my entire life in Marina del Rey. So, I train all my clients here and I spend pretty much every day at the beach or close to the beach. One of my favorite things to do is a workout on the beach. I do my squats, sprints, bring resistance bands even. Its such a fun place to workout when you are sick of or just tired of the gym.

Being a Plush Model goes hand in hand with fitness because I’m always in the sun, always getting spray tans. This stuff is what keeps my skin so soft and my skin looking young. I usually bring my Plush Body scrub to the beach and I love to use it here. I just go into the ocean and scrub. It’s a super relaxing thing I like to do as it makes my skin very soft and glows. It’s important for fitness models to have that glow 24/7!