Bianca Renee Demonstrates How To Get Plush

Introducing the Plush Body 24 karat gold coffee body scrub. Yes, I said 24 karat gold! Bruno Mars should be using this body scrub because it actually has gold inside. This body scrub right here is amazing. Those of you who like coffee any coffee lovers out there? Okay, you're going to love this.


Got anyone bad and boujee? Yeah, you're definitely going to love this! So, this body scrub is literally grounded coffee and gold, all mix together. It also has purified water, coconut fruit, coconut essential oil, jojoba essential oil, sea salt, brown sugar, Vitamin E oil, 24 Karat active gold. Wow! those are some amazing ingredients to be rubbing all over our body! It’s also 100% vegan cruelty-free all natural non GMO and it's made in LA. 


On the back, it says you are gold baby, solid gold. Apparently, I just like to buy products that compliment me. It's best to use this two to four times a week. It definitely works best in the shower while your skin is wet and you are going to gently scrub over your body, then rinse it all off and enjoy your beautiful shimmer. Yes, when you get out the shower you will actually see gold shimmers all over your skin. 


So pretty! I cannot wait until it's bikini season, and I have this all over my body in the sun. The coffee beans are going to exfoliate the skin, the coconut oil is going to moisturize the skin. If you are a coffee lover or someone that likes the best of the best high-end body scrubs to leave you glowing you have to get the Coco + Gold Plush Body body scrub.